Over the past 7 years, I've had the opportunity to encourage, inspire and equip thousands of people around the world with simple, practical and proven strategies to help them build healthier lives. I've worked in local schools with 15 students, at events with thousands of people and helped coach key leaders at IKEA London. So, whether you're a business, conference, corporation, high school or college, I'd love to chat about how we can work together for your next event. 

Examples of the sessions that Tyson delivers:

  • Conference keynotes

  • Management and employer workshops

  • Marketing and branding workshops

  • In-house sessions

  • Intergenerational team training

  • Board briefings and strategic planning retreats

  • Education professional development days

A little more about me:

I’ve been speaking and coaching for nearly 7 years. I've spoken to groups as small as 15 and conferences with over 1000 people. 

As an experienced speaker, my team and I aim to provide two key things for your next event…

1. A great experience on stage — Great communication means having a great understanding of how to make a point stick. To do just that, I'll use stories, passion and humour to not only make a point but to keep your audience engaged. They will leave with simple, practical and life-changing strategies which will benefit their life well beyond our session.  

2. A great experience off stage —I get it. When you're planning your event, you don't need extra unnecessary challenges. We believe that speaker should be the last of your concerns. We’ve worked with hundreds of event planners and pride ourselves on making your job that little bit easier.