We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.
— Dalai Lama

The benefits of living with less stress

There is a clear link between our stress levels and its capacity to increase our likelihood of stages of depression and inflammation based diseases throughout our body. It also directly affects our ability to sleep and consistently follow any exercise routines. There's no doubt that life is far more enjoyable when our stress levels are under control, so below are some suggestions to help you create some calmer in your day to day life. 

Tips to help you find some calm

Exercise It's not unusual for the modern human to wake up, go to work, come home watch some television, eat some food and go to bed. Whilst that is the new norm, for many of us, it doesn't give us the opportunity to release the build-up of stress that naturally happens throughout the day. Break up your day to day schedule by scheduling in some time to run, walk, gym or do some Yoga and enjoy the natural benefits that come with that release of built-up tension. 

Breathe One of the quickest ways to diffuse a stressful situation is to come back to your breath. It will help you calm down and almost immediately calm your tensions. If you're worried and worked up, breathing will bring you back into the present moment. if you're in a rush, it will help you slow down. Breathing is the best way to diffuse built up the tension. 

Meditation Research is now catching up on the health benefits of regular time in meditation. With apps like Headspace, Calm and Smiling Mind a regular practice has never been easier to create than it is today. Meditation has the capacity to boost our mood by releasing endorphins into our blood, making us feel much better. More than just making us feel better, we feel calmer, don't get as angry and increase our capacity to let go of the small stuff that once weighed us down. 

Rest days Allocate a day each week that is a work-free zone. It's a time to keep the computer closed and spend time refuelling your tank by doing things you love. Spending time with family, developing your hobbies, fishing, surfing, reading or spending time with friends and family. 

Screen-free zones Give yourself chunks of time in each day where you're not allowed to touch your devices. Maybe that between 5 pm and 7 pm when you're having dinner with family or friends. Have a time that your computer goes away and you start to unwind for the night. A great place to start is with Screen Free Sunday or a 60-minute online time slow each day.