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Do you want to develop a great mindset? Handle your anxiety more effectively? Learn the mental strategies that will help improve your performance?  Not sure how to do it?

I can help. 

Since the age of thirteen, I've been fascinated by the role that mindset plays in improving our lives. For the last seven years that fascination has become a passion which I'm now using to help people improve. More than just talking about how to improve your life with these strategies, I've applied them to my own life which has lead me to run for Australia, and train alongside some of Australia's best Olympic athletes. I've climbed mountains in the Himalayas, walked across Spain and built an incredible marriage with an amazing woman. 

If you need my assistance, I specialise in the following areas:

Mindset: I can help you learn and implement the simple, practical and life-changing strategies that come with developing a great mindset. An excellent life, begins with an excellent mindset and together we can get the first part right, so you can enjoy the second part. 

Health: With so much information available on health, where do we even start? I simplify the process by using the research from National Geographic 'Blue Zones', and help you develop a program to get your health to flourish. 

Habits: We can all do something once, but habits serve as the foundation to the results we experience in all areas of our life. I will help you clarify your priorities, and schedule time to invest in improving these areas. 

The tools and techniques I teach and lives by are simple, practical and life-changing. They're not lessons I've invented, they're lessons that have been passed down through generations of great teachers because they work. 

Put simply: I know the simple strategies to help you flourish. 

If you need me, I am here to help.  


I offer two scheduling options: Single Session or Full Month. All sessions meet via your preferred method: phone or webcam. You will receive an email within one week of payment to schedule your first session:

  • Single Session (1 hour) $125 
  • Monthly Session (4 hours) $400 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m certain I can help you improve your life. So certain, in fact, that I offer a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee to all of my monthly clients. If I can’t help you, I’m willing to refund 100% of your money.

Questions & Bookings

Email: info@tysonpopplestone.com