Tyson runs personal development programs for young Australians to equip them with the tools, techniques and strategies required to overcome the obstacles they face. With a specific focus on the mind, body and habits he teaches improvements in these areas lead to improvements in every area of life. 

If you give Tyson a specific brief he is happy to customise each presentation to your specific needs.

If you'd like to find out more about his sessions, we'd be happy to send you a copy of our schools brochure which includes costs and more details of the programs we run. Just shoot us an email here and let us know you'd like one.

For enquiries regarding school programs, please contact us here. 

View some of our most popular sessions below. 


25% of Australian High School students are dealing with a mental health condition. Anxiety and depression is on the rise and suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians. This program has been developed to equip teenagers with the simple and practical tools, techniques and strategies required to address and overcome the mental obstacles they are currently facing.  


We often overestimate what we can accomplish in one day and underestimate what we can achieve in ten years. To achieve great results long term however, we must implement the habits to help us get there. Foundations was created to teach students how to clarify their goals and equip them to implement to appropriate habits to reach those goals.  


Most anxiety is born from reliving or predicting negative experiences. But how much of what we worry about is a genuine threat? In this presentation we break down how to escape our constant attachment to the past and future and look at what we can do to be in the moment and break free from the unnecessary anxiety many of us feel. 


"He's got a passion that is contagious and inspiring. He captured the attention of the audience and made a big impact. He's got the ability to break down the steps towards reaching success and the strategies for the kids to have a go. He spoke to us five days ago and the kids are still talking about him" - Kathryn Rabbetts

Teacher - Sale College

"Absolutely inspiring" - Wayne Carey

Dual Premiership Captain for North Melbourne, Four time North Melbourne Best and Fairest, 7 time All Australian

"Tyson is a vibrant and engaging speaker who relates very well to students of all ages. His message is clear and focussed, and students and teachers love the humour and wit he uses to engross his audience. It is always a pleasure to hear Tyson deliver his insights to our students" - Andrew Nicholas,

Teacher - Gippsland Grammar

"He's a magnet. He has that unique ability to draw everybody in the room towards him. He's infectious, funny, inspiring and can analytically simplify life's struggles. He provides a pathway to reach your dreams. When he leaves the room you just want more" - Peter Davidson B.M

Peter was the paramedic who put his own life in danger to winch eight sailors from stricken yacht 'Standaside' during the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Author of 'On the end of a wire'. 

“Tyson speaks from the heart, challenges the norm and makes you want to change. Funny. Sincere. Determined. He lives what he shares; and shares what works.” Jason Smith

Founder of Back in Motion Health Group - Australia's largest and fastest growing provider of physiotherapy and related services

"He's infectious. He fills every corner of the room with the energy that's within his frame" - Andy Maher

Andy Maher is and Australian journalist and television sports presenter for Network 10 and Melbourne sport radio station 1116 SEN

"Tyson is a bundle of dynamic energy and engages his generation with an inspiring message of hope, and 'no limit' thinking" - Mark Ingram

CEO, Business For Development

"What an amazingly uplifting person. His stories, insight and company leave with with no choice but to feel grateful and excited about life" - Jon Liow

Director at One Design Office