Weekend link love # 3


If you're trying to learn a few ways to look after yourself, Megan Vosler has some great tips for you in this article. 

Trying to get fit? Try taking small steps rather than being a hero for one day. 

Do you feel like you spend too much time online? The Art of Manliness has some great suggestions for you. 


If you've never heard Tim Ferris chat with Jamie Foxx, do yourself a favour and take a listen. 


Jocko Willink is good.

While we're on the subject of Jocko Willink, he did an interview with the great Jordan Peterson this week. It's one of the most incredibly insightful conversations I've listened to. Listen to it here. 

Other things I'm interested in

Everlane is incredible. Stylish clothing that is both organic and fair trade. 

Have you ever wondered why people take the Bible seriously despite how old it is? Turns out that it's still super relevant. The Bible Project has some insanely good videos that go into it.