A few minutes of gratefulness

It's easy to forget to be grateful for what we already have. 

Familiarity seems to ensure that's true.

While we're shaping our days in a way which will enable us to become the person we hope to be, we can easily come to believe that joy will be found in the attainment of the goal we're pursuing. But when we realise that tomorrow is made from the same stuff as today, it reminds us that it's important to be grateful not only for what we hope to have but for what we already have.

If we don't enjoy it now, what would make us enjoy it tomorrow?

That's where a few minutes of gratefulness comes in handy each day. It reminds us that if we only ever have what we have right now, we're going to be ok. It strips away the stress and anxiety that so often follows us convincing ourselves we'd be happier if.....

It ensures we take time to think of a few things we're happy to have in our lives. The new job, our spouse, family, friends, food on the table. Usually, the things we've grown used to seeing.

So take some time each day to be thankful for the things you know you're lucky to have. 

You'll feel better for it.