19 Rules for Life

  1. Ask more questions than you answer 
  2. Before you try and change the world, make sure your bedroom is clean (Dr Jordan Peterson)
  3. If you want to look good, eat good. Way more vegetables and fruit
  4. Read books written by people smarter than you
  5. Proximity is power, so stop spending time with dickheads
  6. Fail harder 
  7. Give a little, save a little and spend a little
  8. Be very clear about what you’re aiming for
  9. Never say you spend all your time at work for your family, if it’s stopping you seeing your family
  10. Breathe deeply when you’re stressed
  11. Don’t use alcohol to drown out your trials
  12. Exercise daily: strength of cardio or flexibility
  13. Before you start your next thing, have you stuck with your current thing long enough?
  14. Stop assuming your next partner will be better than your current one
  15. Take a few weeks holiday each year
  16. Challenge ideas and let your ideas be challenged
  17. Before you try and fix them, make sure you’re not broken
  18. Listen to Bob Dylan, Richard Rohr, Jordan Peterson
  19. Stop stressing about tomorrow, as now is all you have