25 steps to keep yourself stressed

  1. Put more in your schedule than you can handle
  2. Underestimate how long it will take you to get there
  3. Borrow money from your family, friends and banks
  4. Purchase it on your credit card
  5. Never take a holiday
  6. Ignore your health
  7. Always try and solve problems alone
  8. Work 7 days a week
  9. Go online in every spare moment of your day
  10. Compare your life to those you follow on Instagram
  11. Say yes to every invitation
  12. Drive more than 30 minutes to and from work
  13. Focus on all that may go wrong
  14. Expect your relationship to always be perfect
  15. Compare your weakness with others strengths
  16. Sleep as little as possible
  17. Watch the evening news
  18. Always take it to heart
  19. Don't exercise
  20. Try and please everyone
  21. Focus on the past and future rather than today
  22. Don't take time to be grateful for what you have
  23. Spend time with uptight people
  24. Keep putting yourself down when you make a mistake
  25. Never celebrate your mini-wins