10 Life Changing Tools

I love hearing about the things that have added great value into the lives of those around me.

I also love to share the things that are adding great value into my own life. 

With that said, here are 10 tools that have added incredible value in my life over the last twelve months. 


  1. Aeropress The Aeropress has changed the way I do coffee. Small, simple and easy to clean, this little champion comes everywhere with me. Clear your bench space by getting rid of your coffee machine, and enjoy the quality that Aeropress offers. 
  2. Day One App A simple way to journal. Day One is a dream come true for the OCD. I've used this app for nearly two years for planning our budget, keeping ideas and recording my training. It's just a beautiful space to capture your thoughts. 
  3. Headspace App Making meditation simple, this app is a gym membership for your mind. For as little as ten minutes a day, you will learn the art of quieting your mind, and creating the headspace you crave. Take the 10 day free trial to help you discover whether it's of value to you.
  4. Kindle For so long my lounge-room contained bookshelves filled with books that I had either read or was planning to read. I treated my physical books like trophies and, like trophies, they took up space and collected dust. I got rid of 99% of my physical books and now read on a kindle. It stores hundreds of books, stays charged for weeks at a time, and though it's different than holding a physical book, is a completely awesome new way to read.  
  5. My Fitness Pal App My wife thinks I look better when I have a little more muscle. With that said, I'm currently in the process of putting on around four kilograms. This app is helping with that as it tracks your calories and your exercise to help you reach your desired outcomes, be that gaining or losing weight.  
  6. Nutri-Bullet This is probably my favourite item in the kitchen. Every morning I use it to prepare a fruit smoothie and a green juice. I've used it 2-3 times a day for the last twelve months and it's still running as strong as ever. It blends the drink well and doesn't leave you with a chunky end product. If I could only keep one appliance for the kitchen, this is it. 
  7. The Dave Ramsey Show If you're looking for some simple, practical advice on how to get yourself out of debt or just be more responsible with money, this guy is your man. Straight talking and easy to understand, he breaks down the B.S and helps you, right where you are. He's a passionate American and fairly outspoken on his belief that America is the greatest country in the history of humanity. I find it hilarious, but some people hate it. If you can get past that though, his advice is extremely helpful. 
  8. The Minimalists These guys have been my best discovery in the last two years. Offering some super helpful advice on how to escape the rat race of consumerism that the Western world is caught up in, and sharing ways that we can live a meaningful life with less. Check them out for sure!
  9. Yoga Studio App Yoga is the perfect opportunity to improve strength, flexibility and to give your mind some down time. I used to love going to Yoga classes but honestly, they were all over priced. This app changes that. For a once off payment of $6, you will have access to over 70 different Yoga classes ranging from 10-60 minutes. The layout is clean and the classes are awesome. I use it nearly ever day and so does my wife. We both feel better off because of it. 
  10. Zen Habits This is a great blog. Leo Babauta is the man behind it and has a specific focus on on helping the reader find simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of life. Zen Habits helps us clear the clutter so we can focus on what's important.