Shutup. Get up. Go again.

Which of your personal failures are you most proud of?

In a culture that worships success, it's a question that makes many of us uncomfortable.

We much prefer to spend our time talking about our strengths, abilities and great ideas. We prefer to convince those around us (and ourselves) that we're powerful, reliable and incapable of falling short of the goals we set. 

Please - you're not convincing anyone. 

Anyway, it doesn't take much to see the correlation between those whom we successful and the number of times they've failed. That's because the more you fail, the more you learn, the more you grow. It's stretches, challenges and refines us. it builds in us skills that cannot be attained any other way. 

There's a lesson we need to take from those we admire. 

Have a go. 

If you miss, dust off and go again, knowing that you're more equipped than you were before. 

and who day, rather than falling short...

You might just make it.