Some Ideas For Reducing Stress


We usually feel it most during the times we’re being stretched. During the moments we want something to work out a certain way, but we’re not convinced it will. It’s usually born in the space where we realise we’re not as in control as we’d like to be.

I’m still learning to improve my response to stress, but I’ve discovered some pretty helpful tools to help reduce it. 

1.     Simplify your life Ok, so this statement is super vague. Let me elaborate here.

2.     Stop overcommitting With the best intentions we often take on more than we can handle. Clarify your priorities and be cautious not to commit to areas outside of these.

3.     Create Space Our emotions are impacted by the environment we’re in. Removing the clutter from our lives has an impact on us intrinsically. It’s a breath of fresh air. Maybe it’s time to minimise? Listen to this.

4.     Leave earlier It always takes longer than we think to get to where we’re going. Leave earlier than you need to and enjoy the slower pace to work.

5.     Work out Many of us work jobs that offer no opportunity to burn off built-up tension. If you’re feeling wound up, work out. Read this

6.     Appreciation Take some time to appreciate how far you’ve come. Stop winding yourself up comparing where you are to others. Their journey is not your journey.

7.     Leave work at work Create space between your office and your home. Make a commitment to stop bringing work home. Enjoy the separation.

8.     Get into nature Nature has the incredible capacity to continually remind us that things are going to be ok. Take a walk and listen.

9.     Take a day off Choose a day that works for you and take the day off.

10.  Breathe Take a deep breath. Repeat it a few times. It washes away the tension.

11.  Choose company well Stop spending time with people who drain you. Who builds you up? Who do you leave feeling more inspired by? Catch up with them.

12.  Stop your hypotheticals It’s usually how we imagine events working out that causes our stress. Most of the time, we’re fine right now. Stop your hypotheticals, you don’t know how it will turn out.

13.  Turn your phone off Our schedule feels like it has a whole lot more space when we put limits on how much we use our phone. Allow 30 minutes on your phone and then turn it off. For more tips on creating space in your day, listen to this. 

14.  Sleep A fresh mind that allows us to feel capable of dealing with the problems we face. Everything looks better in the morning. Have a sleep.

15.  Get a massage You know it helps. Go on. Treat yourself.

16.  Listen to music What song makes you feel relaxed? Play it. Put it on repeat if you need.

17.  Write it down Don’t let everything you need to get done build up in your head. Write it down in a place you check regularly, and cross it off as you get it done.

18.  Choose focus carefully It’s not what we look at, it’s what we see. Is there another way to interpret your problem? Are you making these thinking errors?

19.  Stop procrastinating Continually delaying the inevitable take a toll on us. Schedule it, get it done. Move on.

20.  Take a holiday Schedule a time each year away from work. Take an annual retreat. Get away from the requirements of your daily life.