The cigarette your doctor smokes


It was only sixty years ago that our doctors were telling us the healthiest cigarettes to smoke. 

It sounds ridiculous saying that in 2018!

Cigarettes were never healthy. None of them. Ever. 

I predict that in sixty years, we will look back at our diets in the same way we look at cigarettes. We will wonder how we ever believed that the way we consume meat and sugar and processed food to be healthy. We'll wonder why no one ever told us that a plant-based diet stopped heart disease in its tracks. We'll wonder why our doctor was ok for us to eat the way we were. 

It's not that your doctor is trying to trick you. 

It's just that they don't know.

But we don't have to rely solely on our doctor anymore.  We have the answers at our fingertips. 

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You'll be surprised to find out what the research really says about your diet.