Creating Space In Your Day

If you're anything like me, creating a little extra time in our day can be difficult. 

With that said, here are 5 steps to help us find that time. 


  1. Cancel home Internet We've grown used to having immediate access to the information we're looking for through the beauty of the internet. The truth is, most of what we think we need to look at right now can wait. Rather than getting online every time we have the desire to do so, let's write down what it is that we're wanting to look at, and schedule a time each week to go to a local cafe to use their free wifi to do so. Free wifi is everywhere.

  2. Get rid of your T.V Television serves as a great little escape for so many of us after a hard day at work. However, removing the T.V from our lives can free up such an incredible amount of time, and stop us from having to sit through such a crazy amount of advertising. If completely getting rid of your television seems a little extreme, try putting it in another room. This forces us to think about what we want to watch, and only go into the allocated room at that time. I recommend keeping it out of your bedroom. The bedroom is for two things, neither of which involve watching T.V. 

  3. Switch off notifications Notifications are just another distraction. It so easy find ourselves stopping what we're doing every time someone comments on our Facebook status, likes our Instagram photo or sends us an email. Try setting yourself a certain time each day to check the things you would usually be notified about. 
  4. Leave space between tasks The idea of being productive lures us into putting as much as we can into our already busy day. Rather than doing more, clarify your top three priorities for each day and focus on these. Doing less each day gives us the space to take a breath, and also complete our work more efficiently. 

  5. Say yes to less We don't have to do everything we're invited to do. Learn the art of saying 'no' and enjoy the extra space you find in your day as a result.