The audiobook revolution

The world of books has never been easier to enjoy than it is today. 

Anyone with an iPhone and an Audible account, now have access to the ideas and imaginations of the great writer's throughout history. It doesn't even matter if they consider themselves readers, and they don't need to set time aside for the practice. 

It can just accompany them in whatever they're doing. 




Driving to work

Taking the dog for a walk

 On a date with their partner (not recommended).

I once listened to The Alchemist when my wife asked me to clean up all the leaves in our backyard. It actually made me enjoy the experience!

The options are limitless. 

Perhaps the greatest element of the audiobook revolution is that unlike radio or television it can provide us with life-changing information, not just entertainment. 

We're free to create an incredible atmosphere on the way to where it is we're going.  

Don't just read what your teacher told you to. 

Read what captures your imagination. 

It might just change your life.