Screen Free Sunday

Have you noticed how much of our lives is hijacked by screens?

Phones. Laptops. Television. iPads. 

Social media, news updates, emails, games, music and podcasts, not to mention phone calls and text messaging. Boredom is no longer tolerated, or required now we have access to a world of information at or fingertips. From the moment we wake to the moment we sleep we have a world of information and entertainment available to us. 

Though the immediate access to so much information can be a great benefit to our lives, if you’re anything like me, your reliance on these tools have probably become more of an addiction than a convenience. You’ll notice it’s become an addiction when you feel a sense of anxiety when you leave it at home, the battery life causes you stress or you can’t go more than twenty minutes without checking it. 

I didn't like how dependant I was on the screens in my life so I decided to give myself the opportunity to go without screens for a day. To switch it off. Let me switch off. Recover.

I called it my ‘Screen Free Sunday’.

Just 24 hours. Tough initially. I started to notice how often I craved a screen when I had a moment of free time.  But I noticed the decision gave me the opportunity to more fully connect with the people I was with and places I was at, without having assessed whether I needed to post a photo of the meal I was eating or the people I was with. I was more into the experience I was having, rather than considering how to portray the experience I was having. 

It gave my mind a little more room to rest. 

To discover what was found in the quiet moments of the day. 

It got me thinking; maybe I don't need to think about how my screens can entertain me more, but how can I experience the beautiful in what I often label now boredom.

What about you?

Could you benefit from a day without screens?