Annual Retreat

Post match reviews are a great way to improve sporting performance. 

They offer each player a chance to remove themselves emotionally from the heat of competition and review their performance from another perspective. With this fresh perspective and insight, it's easier for them to adjust their game and improve their performance in the future. 

Annual retreats are the post match reviews of life.  

It's the space where each of us takes a step back from what is going on all around us on a daily basis without all the distractions, emotions and decisions bombarding us. It's the space where we allow ourselves the time to assess where we have room to improve, adjust and change the way we operate on a daily basis. The annual retreat is the video review of our day to day life,  

Ideally, it's a home away from home where we take a journal, a good book and are surrounded by nature with either our partner, or alone with the intention of developing clarity and perspective on where we need to adjust. It's a quiet week, where thinking, reflecting and note taking are a priority. It's the place where the emotions we ignore because our busy schedules rise to the surface. It's a space where we address that which we usually can't see. . 

Though it may take a little planning when it comes to when we're going to do it and how we'lll have time to make it work, it's well worth the time and effort in scheduling it so that we can see what may become blindingly obvious we need to improve. So schedule it in, take a step back and be amazed at how much in your life you realise may no longer be as vitally imprortant as you thought it was. 

How could an annual retreat help you?.