Curiosity is better than a calling

What does it mean to be called?

In my mind, a calling conjures up the idea of having some sort of natural ability. A talent that if we really wanted to, we could develop to a point that we may excel. It's usually that thing we're better than most other people around us. It's that part of us that we're complimented on. It's usually a good thing. The only problem with our calling is that there's no guarantee that we'll have any interest in developing it. 

I'm pretty good at table tennis, but I have no interest in pursuing it. 

I'd much rather do the things I'm interested in, than just the thing I'm good at. 

That why I'd rather be curious than called.

To be curious means to follow what interests you. It usually leads you on an uncertain path with risk and fear and danger and a sense of adventure that offers you no guarantee of great results.   

Too many of us miss incredible opportunities because rather than seeing where our curiosity leads us, we're waiting for a voice from heaven to tell us our exactly what to do. To promise us that if we try, we won't fail. That everything will work out fine and that our pursuit will be worth our efforts. It's the voice that many of us wait forever for but never hear. 

Curiosity allows us to start today, where we are, with what we have.

It's a way more exciting path. 

Stop waiting to be told. 

Your curiosity is already pointing in the direction you need to walk.