Poor imitations

It's fine to admire someone for what they do. 

It's when that admiration becomes jealousy that it needs to be addressed. 

The fastest way to ensure our own dissatisfaction is to compare our everyday lives with the highlight reel of those we follow. When we compare our bland old life with the edited, photoshopped, brand new bikini snap of that babe on Instagram, we're going to feel unsatisfied...

(That was for my female readers. I've personally never wanted to be a bikini babe...Promise.) 

What's helpful in those moments of jealousy (insert your own here) is to remind ourselves that we have no idea what the person we wish we were is actually dealing with. We have no idea if they're really any happier than us. 

What we do know is that we'll never be on their journey and they will never be on ours. 

So we need to use our energy more wisely. 

Rather than playing the comparison game, let our jealousy serve as a reminder that it's time to get to work on:

Developing our talents.

Perfecting our crafts.

Investing what we really value.

In other words, we let it serve as a reminder to go and spend our time working on the things we can actually change. 

That's far more rewarding than wishing we were someone else.