Fix it with a pill

We use pills to fix everything.

When we’re stressed.

When we’re fat.

When we can’t sleep.

When we feel sad.

When our muscles are sore.

When our kids have too much energy.

Sometimes pills are part of the answer. But sometimes they’re an excuse for us not to address the actual issue. It’s not hard to see why we love them. They offer quicker relief than having to actually work to see improvements take place. Plus, tomorrow we need to go back to work so we really don’t have the time to be sick.

We need a more holistic approach to our health.

An approach which allows us to take half a day out of our schedule to address the issues that keep coming up for us and considering how we can adjust the way we’re living in order to improve the health we’re experiencing.

So, before you immediately run to a pill, ask yourself if it’s something that diet or exercise or friends or a new job or a better way of thinking about the situation might be able to fix.

It’s a little bit more work than a pill, but it might just be the answer.