One Month Retreat

In August this year, I’m taking a break.

A retreat.   

For three-weeks, I’ll trade my regular daily activities for the quiet trail of the El Camino de Santiago, where I will slow right down. No writing. No podcast interviews. No email. No social media.

Just walking, reflecting and resting. 

I think I'll find it challenging.  

You see, I love my work and most days I l can't wait to get into it. I get excited about seeing progress in the projects I'm working on. But, like so many people, I can find my value in how much I accomplish and can easily fool myself into thinking that just because I’m ‘working’ I’m being productive.

But the truth is, being busy doesn’t equal being productive and my value isn't found in my work. 

Neither is yours. 

We need some down time.

Some time to recover, reassess and refocus.

That’s what I hope this retreat offers.

What about you?

Could you benefit from some time away from your daily routine?