Do You Need A Rest Day?

Every Sunday, I take the day off. 

Complete rest. 

No writing.

No podcast. 

No email.

No planning.

No exercise.

No commitments. 

It's the one day each week where I give myself permission to let the land lie fallow. It's the day that even though my work is incomplete, I view it as complete. It's a reminder that the world still runs without me, that I'm not a machine and that my value is not found in productivity. It's a space where I allow myself to recover, refocus and prepare myself mentally and physically for the week to come. 

For many of us, the idea of taking a day off seems unproductive. Our fast pace society has become so obsessed with the idea of doing more that we have forgotten the benefits of doing less. 

But the truth is it takes energy to put your best work into what you do. We need the balance. We need the inhale, and exhale. The work is good, but we need the rest. 

The rest allows the chaos of our busy week to settle. It allows minds to become clearer, focused and motivated. 

Maybe, like me the most effective use of your Sunday is not to view it as an opportunity to get more done. Maybe, rather than work, the rest will allow you to be more effective throughout your week. 

Like all things new, it will difficult at the beginning, but when you get used to it, you'll see the benefits.

You'll thank me on Monday.

Go on, try it. 

You deserve a break.