Our Race to Nowhere

Stop for a moment.

No, really. 


I want to ask you something.

Why are we always in such a rush?

Constantly jumping from task to task and never quite feeling as though we've completed all we need to. Constantly feeling as though we could have earned more, accumulated more, achieved more, worked more, trained more, prayed more. 

It's an exhausting way to live. 

One that I don't think we were created for. 

In the modern world of technology and deadlines and promotions and upgrades, we've become blind to the joy that is available to us right now.

Nature has been trying so patiently to show us, but we've been too busy to notice. She's never in a rush yet she completes everything on time. She never stresses about the future as she knows that the future is made up of the same stuff as the present. 

She understands that all she needs is the moment. 

There's peace found in that. 

Let's stop rushing in the hope that we'll get to the important moments faster. 

Tomorrow's moments are made of the same as today's. 

We just need to slow down for a while to notice it.