It's Time To Stop Planning

You will never be completely ready to launch your product. 

So many of us get trapped continually planning because it’s more comfortable than the unknown territory that the launch takes us.

The launch is scary.

It’s the place where all your hard work will be critiqued and criticised. It's the place  you will realise how much you can still improve.

Comedians understand this better than most. It’s the reason that after months of writing their jokes, they trial their new material on small audiences. They have to trial it to see what to refine before they take it to the masses. 

Fear about the launch is normal. 

Maybe you know what I mean?

Maybe you been planning something that you know you should launch, but you haven’t because you’re afraid your idea will be criticised?

It will be.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not brilliant.

Let’s not get caught in the false sense of security that planning provides to avoid the fear of what the launch will bring.

At some stage, you need to pull the trigger.

Make adjustments as you go. 

There’s no other way around it.

Ready. Fire. Aim.