How nutritious are your thoughts?

If your thoughts were foods, how nutritious would they be?

Would they leave you lean, healthy and with a strong immune system? Or would they leave you fat and sick and nearly dead? Too many of us are living on the equivalent of meat-pies for our minds and hoping we'll be ok. But just like our body can't flourish on meat-pies, our minds can't flourish on rubbish thoughts. 

We need a to go on a mental diet. 

We need to start cutting back on all of the negative, self-defeating, stressed filled thoughts we're feeding our minds and start to introduce some fresh and thoughts of possibility and growth and hope.

We need to change the things we focus on so we can change the way we feel.

A great place to start doing this is by asking yourself different questions. Instead of asking why you suck at life after making a mistake, ask yourself what it's taught you. It's the same situation, but with a completely different point of focus. 

Like any change in our diet, it will be hard initially. But once you realise how much better you feel after making the changes, it won't be long until you don't even consider those old thoughts as reliables sources of information.