Clarify, Commit, Continue.

Yesterday was my blog's first birthday. 

Though it’s true that the older you get the faster time seems to go, I still can’t believe it’s been a year since that first post. Since that day, tens of thousands of people from all around the world have visited my blog, many of whom have opted out of a life of busy to focus more on what they're busy about. A lot has changed around the world in the past year, but the purpose of this blog remains the same: helping you create space for the things you really love. 

It's been a year of change for me. 

As a result of living a life in line with my message, I've reduced the hours I work for others and now work more for myself. I've travelled to 10 different countries and moved to London with my wife and invested a lot of time into my health, my marriage and building relationships with others.

Since working more for myself, and seeing how many ways different people go about creating their work, I've had to adapt a working structure and a set of rules that more effectively allowed me to complete my work, without worrying so much what someone else might be doing. 

Though I've trialled various techniques to help me stay true to what I'm about, and not get caught up on what everybody else is doing, I've found three strategies that have enabled me to do that. 

Create personal rules: As an athlete, I used to thrive on routine and discipline. I knew that too much wasn't good, but neither was too little. Rather than constantly second-guessing my next move, I gauged what worked, and stuck to that whilst it was working. This allowed me to finish each session with confidence in what I was doing.  The same is now true for work. These few rules allow me to work hard and recover hard. 

-    6-weeks holiday annually - completely off
-    Write 1000 words six days each week
-    Sunday off
-    3 posts weekly – Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
-    No work after 5.30pm each night – no matter what. 
-    Facebook & Twitter is for sharing new content

Weekly Schedule: Structure helps me allocate my time effectively. I find it so easy to jump from one task to another if I don't have a plan, so this is a general outline of the major focus for each day. 

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Post Podcast 
  • Tuesday: Post Blog
  • Wednesday: Marketing - (guest post submissions, media emails, networking)
  • Thursday: Post Blog
  • Friday: Interview podcast guest
  • Saturday: Essentials

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