Write it down

One of the fastest ways to ensure you get nothing done, is to commit to far more than you know you can handle.

With so many opportunities mixed with so many brilliant (and not so brilliant) ideas that run through our minds each day, jumping from task to task to task is filled with excitement as each new venture may be the one that will allow us to break through and make the impact we know we're capable of.

The problem with this approach is that we can never stick to one thing for long enough to see if we're going to be any good at it. We start and as soon as the excitement wears off, we shut off the idea as silly and move onto the next one.

I have a radical alternative:

Rather than starting every new idea you have, write it down.

Rather than quitting the thing you're no longer excited about, stick to it.

While it's exciting to get something started (marathons, relationships, gym programs, businesses, new jobs, cooking dinner) there usually always comes a time when the excitement fades and the commitment aspect kicks in.

We need to work on that commitment aspect.

So, before you begin your new idea, make sure you gave your last one time enough to improve.

Write it down, remember if for later and if it still looks good in a few months, maybe then you can start.