The right tools for the job

People have been through what you're going through. 

They have come out wiser, stronger and with a greater love of life than what they had before they entered it. At moments in our lives, we hit what we feel like is a brick wall. We feel as though a dark cloud has settled over our heads and doesn't appear to be planning on leaving anytime soon. 

In these moments, it's easy for us to become panicked and overwhelmed thinking this is our new 'normal'. Our heads start to race and our hearts start to pound and the more we notice these two things, the more they seem to occur. It's like a vicious cycle of thinking leading to emotions and emotions furthering our thinking.

This is a phase. 

If you have found yourself in one of these phases, there is very good help available. Don't try and go at it alone, because it's much easier to have someone without the emotional attachment to the experience you're having to speak sense into it. 

Find out who is a good therapist in your area and go and chat with them. Speak to a friend. Read a book. Ask for help. Because there is help available. There are already answers to help the questions you're asking. 

Maybe your problems are much easier to solve than you think 

Maybe you've just been trying to fix it with the wrong tools.