Morning Routines and Mini-Habits

A lot of people are interested in how to start their day right. 

They study the morning routines of elite performers in the hope they can learn how to do mornings from the best. It doesn't take long however, to realise that there's no one size fits all on this subject. 

One elite performer may start by writing, taking a walk and meditating, while another prefers to read, make a coffee and do some stretching. How can such different routines both seem to produce such positive results? 

The secret is in understanding mini-habits. 

A mini-habit is one of four or five actions we commit to completing each day. It's a task that gets done, regardless of what else comes up. It's a small action that over time, takes us towards the greater goals we hold. 

Here's my thoughts on morning routines:

Before you start thinking about how early to start or how long you should work for, figure out what you're actually working towards. Plan your mini-habits around that goal and commit to getting one done before you go to work. 

That's a great way to start your day.