The Things We Leave Behind

For many of us, as we approach the end of another year, our minds come alive with the possibilities of what the coming year will bring. We dream about what we can improve, change or implement to help us create a better life. 

For some of us, the idea of implementing anything new can be a little overwhelming as we're too busy to consider how we can possibly implement anything else into our already full schedule. 

It’s completely fair. 

How do we fit more into an already busy schedule?

I think when it comes to this question, many of us are trying to answer the wrong way. You see, a lot of us we’ve been encouraged to spend more time focussing on how to get more out of every day. As a result, we stay up later, get up earlier, get the latest organisation apps all in an attempt to get more done. 

I mean, that's ok sometimes.

But seriously. Long term, it's exhausting. 

I have an alternative. It might be uncomfortable to hear. You may not even believe me. 

You ready?

Maybe, the answer isn’t that we need to be more organised to fit more into our day.

Maybe we just need to do less.

Before we begin thinking about everything we want to begin, add and implement in the year to come, maybe we could begin by thinking about what we could leave behind.

Let go of.

You know, the things weighing us down. Adding no value to our journey. The things stopping us committing our time to what we really love. 

In order for us to most efficiently commit to the things we really value, we nee to cut all the extra stuff. 

But first, we need clarity on what we really value. 

When we develop clarity on what is essential in our life, saying no to the non-essential becomes easier.

As we approach this new year, before you decide what to add to your schedule, first ask yourself what's most important to you. 

Then ask,

What can I leave behind?