Is your brain healthy?

Being fat is not a sign that you can’t get fit.

It’s a sign that you’re on the wrong program.

Too many of us put up with less than average lifestyles because we’re afraid to admit that we’re partly responsible for the fact that things could be better. While ignoring a problem makes us feel better in the short term, it’s the best way of making sure things won’t improve in the long run. Admitting that your man-boobs aren’t healthy can inspire you to put down the doughnut and swap it with a barbell. When you acknowledge where you're falling short, you can take steps towards improving it. This makes sense when we’re speaking about our physical health…

But did you know your brain can be out of shape too?

Without focussed effort, it's possible for our brain to be so out of shape that it gets tired at the slightest hint of a challenge. You’ll know if this is you because you'll feel riddled with anxiety, stress or depression. You’ll feel overwhelmed and out of control and spend too much of your day in a panic. If this is you, it’s ok. We all go through moments like this in our lives. You can improve it. But just like a healthy body prevents the likelihood we’ll get sick, a healthy brain keeps us strong in times of difficulty. You just need to train it. But how do we train an out of shape brain?

Here are a few suggestions. But before you start implementing them, remember this. Improved health requires constant and consistent effort. Going to the gym once just makes you sore. Going to the gym a thousand times makes you a machine. So be patient as you begin. Over time, this will become easier.

You ready?

Change your focus: What you focus on you tend to see, so choose your focus carefully.

Change your language: The words you use have a big impact on how you perceive the situation. Stop talking about how you 'can't' or 'never' or 'always'. Use language that leaves you inspired rather than let down.

Change your story: If you can't change the situation you're in, change your story about the situation. Just because you can't find your dream job in your dream location, doesn't mean you won't. But in the meantime, write a new story about why you are where you are and how it will help you in the long term.

Change your strategy: If you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result...stop it. It doesn't work.