Donald Trump will never be President

The only thing I find more amusing than listening to an armchair critic tell me why something can't when it does happen and they then have to do their best to explain to me why it did happen...this time. 

It's hilarious. 

It's hilarious because it becomes so incredibly obvious that the person sharing their opinion about why something can't happen has no idea what they're talking about. All of a sudden the confidence with which they shared their conviction becomes irrelevant.  They were wrong and they know it. And so do you.

It always serves as a reminder not to hold too tightly to people's opinions before you make up your mind. Because a lot of people are wrong...a lot of the time. It was those people who also confidently stated that...

Four minutes cannot be broken for the mile.

 But it was. 

The telephone wasn't a reliable means of communication.

But it is.  

The radio had no imaginable commercial use.

But it does. 

Heavier than air flying machines are impossible.

But they weren't. 

That there's no reason for the computer to be a household item.

But they are. 

Donald Trump will never be President.

But he is. 

Be very careful before you let the opinion of an armchair critic stop you pursuing your dreams. 

They have a terrible reputation for being wrong.