Leave school and start learning

Schools are a great place to produce factory workers. 

But not everyone wants to work in the factory anymore. 

Some of us want to start a business or make art or take photos or write blogs and school doesn't do much to cater for those of us who are that way inclined. 

Despite being 2018 we're still too quick to label a student as smart or dumb based solely on their ability to fit into this ancient factory style educational system that we do our best to convince them (and ourselves) is still relevant. We question their commitment and their focus when they aren't paying attention, but refuse to question the relevance of what we're teaching them. 

School isn't the best option for everybody anymore. If you're in Year 11 or 12, and can't see how what you're learning is relevant, you might be right. Take some time to speak to your parents about whether there's another road you could take towards where you'd like to be. 

Here are a few alternative routes you might like to take:

If you'd like to be a businessman, then start a business today. 

If you'd like to be a photographer, start taking photos today. 

If you'd like to write blogs, start writing a blog today. 

Your best opportunity to become excellent at what you want to do is to start doing it. 

Don't keep going to school because it's what you think you have to do. 

There may be another route you can take.