Emotion is the fuel to thoughts.

A car won’t run without fuel.

A thought won’t run without emotion.

Yet too many of us react emotionally to every thought that passes our mind. It creates a negative spiral if we’re unsure how to help it. The thought triggers an emotion, which fuels the thought, which fuels the emotion, which fuels the thought, which fuels the emotion….and on and on it goes until we catch ourselves on the kitchen floor in a full blown panic attack wondering what on earth is going on.

It’s this very process that causes anxiety and worry and OCD and stress.

But it doesn’t need to.

Here’s the simple secret.

If you stop thinking the thought, the emotion attached will starve and die.

If you can’t stop the thought, refuse to attach emotion to the thought will lose its power.

The emotion is the fuel to the thoughts.

Starve the thoughts of this fuel and they will lose their power.