Seed of happiness

A seed can’t grow alone.

It needs the support of sun, soil, nutrients and water. If the seed isn’t growing, it may mean that the environment it’s trying to grow in isn’t supporting its growth. If it’s planted in the right environment with supporting elements the tree will grow. 

The same is true of our happiness.

The seed of happiness is currently waiting patiently within each of us, but many of us are unaware how to assist it’s growth. Maybe there’s been too little sun or too much rain and it’s limited happiness’ ability to shine through. But it’s still in there and can be brought back out.

Maybe you need to learn to meditate in a way to help cultivate your joy. 

Maybe you need a coach or spiritual guide to help direct you through your trial.

Maybe you need to address what you’re constantly focusing on.

Just because you can’t currently see happiness, doesn’t mean you’re broken.

You just need to address the environment in which the seed has been planted.