The Internet Game

Have you noticed how amazing the internet is?

I know. Incredible. 

If you’re anything like me, you'd have noticed how easy it has become for us to commit every waking minute to something that captures our attention online. Between Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube Tinder, Grinder and whatever else you cheeky freaks get up to online, we never need to be bored again.

Though this can be amazing, it can also be a pain in the arse when we’re trying to get anything meaningful done. You probably know what I mean. That moment we sit down to start something important and the urge to check just something once more becomes too enticing to ignore. There is no doubt that despite being the ultimate tool to access the information you need, it’s also the ultimate tool to ensure you get absolutely nothing complete.

I have a game to help you. 

There's only one rule:

  • 60 minutes online each day for 30 days.  

It's a simple rule, but it's probably forced you to ask a few more questions. 

Let me answer them for you. 

Can I divide my time into 4 by 15-minute blocks?

No. You only have a one-hour block, once a day for 30 days.

What if my time runs out and I forgot something super important I need to check?

Write it down and check it tomorrow.

What if I match with an absolute babe in tinder?

If she’s that good looking you’ll remember to respond tomorrow. Plus, aren’t you supposed to make them wait a while anyway? Doesn’t that make you look less desperate?

Can I do less that one hour?

Of course. If you’re an expert at this, go for 30 minutes.

What the heck do I do with all the extra time?

Read, write, dance, sing, cook, run, gym, walk – use your imagination.

What will I do when I’m at work if I can’t go online?

 You’ll just have to do your work.

Good luck!