Information Detox

There is more information at our fingertips than any other time in history.

The rise of the Internet, iPhone and 24-hour news reports has provided us with instant access to the worlds latest updates.

That’s incredible.

To be fair though, at times it can also be a little exhausting.

Don't you think?

The fact that there’s only so much our minds can effectively absorb can make the constant access to an abundance of exciting information in our pockets a little overwhelming. It’s amazing that we have access to all of this information, but what do we do with all that we take in?

Can we really effectively absorb it all?

Of course not. 

Let me take you on a short, relevant detour.

A few weeks ago I was watching a little old lady water her garden. She was standing there and holding a hose on one section of the garden which had clearly had enough. As a result it had started to flood. She seemed oblivious to the fact that it didn’t need any more. Whatever she was trying to achieve, more water was not the answer. It needed time to absorb what was already there. It was the healthiest option.

Maybe the same is true for our minds?

Maybe in our attempt to keep learning and be kept up to date we haven’t realised that our mind is asking for some space to rest. Maybe we don’t need to read the latest book, watch the latest news report or listen to the latest podcast right now?

Maybe we need to switch it all off for a week and let your minds rest.

It might be the healthiest option.