Why You Should Take A Cold Shower Every Morning.

As soon as I wake up each morning, I walk to the shower, turn it to cold and stand underneath for one-minute.

It’s a long one-minute

Sometimes when the weather's been hot, I half look forward to it.

But when it’s cold, I hate it.

It's so painful. 

I’ve tried so many different approaches to make it more enjoyable,

Slowly putting my hands in the water, then gradually moving my body under.

Letting the water hit my legs first, then my arms and then going under. 

Wetting my hair and then my neck and then my entire body.

They're all horrible. 

You have to get straight in.

I've been doing it for a year now. 

Whenever these cold showers come up in conversation, people will inevitably ask,

Why the heck do you do this?

It’s a fair question!

So, let me tell you about how I benefit personally from these showers. 


  1. State Change: It doesn’t matter how I feel when I get out of bed. Maybe I’m tired, anxious, stressed or nervous about something coming up that day. As soon as I hit that water, my attention is on that moment. Nothing snaps you out of a particular state like ice water. This shower is also a symbolic message to my subconscious mind that I don’t ever need to be stuck in one state I have the capacity to change my focus in an instant. The cold reminds me of this each morning.
  2. Mental Strength: Everything in me fights the idea of standing under cold water. I’m still half asleep and quite comfortable with how things were before the water came into my day. There’s something within me that thrives on the idea of overcoming my feelings and demanding something out of myself. This action reminds me that I don’t live according to feelings alone.
  3. Overcoming: Within 2 minutes of waking up, I’ve already overcome an obstacle. Regardless of what comes up that day, I know I’ve overcome one difficulty, I can do it again. 
  4. Alertness: I never feel more awake than when I’m under the cold water. When I do turn off the water and step out of the shower, I’m completely alert and ready to roll. 
  5. Strengthens Immunity: Based on a study by Thrombosis Research Institute conducted in 1993, those who took cold showers each day saw that the virus fighting white blood cells had increased over those who took hot showers. Based on the increase in metabolic rate from our body's attempt to warm itself, we activate the immune system and release more white blood cells as a response. I consider the shower an investment into my health.