The Daily Dozen

Lacking time is not our problem.

Lacking clarity on what we value most that is.

Just because you’re busy, doesn’t make you productive. You need to use your time well for productivity to take place. In fact, it’s busyness that has become our greatest form of laziness which stops us from focussing on what we value most. And with only 24 hours in each day, it’s important to take time to consider what we’re committing those hours to.

Enter The Daily Dozen.

The Daily Dozen is a list of the twelve tasks that we’re committed to completing each day. It’s a list that we can look to at the end of each day to help us clarify whether we’ve committed our time and energy to the things we say we care about, or whether our day has been frittered away by unnecessary detail.

It will take some time to clarify what is most important, but it’s time well spent.

Here’s a look at my daily dozen.

  1. Exercise - A combination of strength, flexibility or cardio.

  2. 8-hours sleep - An effort to give my body the best chance to recover.

  3. Meditation - AM & PM - Because you can’t argue with the benefits of this practice.

  4. Journal - A form of release, clarity and time to listen to what’s going on within me.

  5. Thought Monitoring Forms (1-3) - To create powerful thinking patterns.

  6. Reading - 30-60 minutes - Because there’s a lot of smarter people than me to listen to.

  7. Family time - They’re the most important people in my life.

  8. Phone a friend - Life is better with deep relationships.

  9. New City Catechism - As a reminder to why I exist.

  10. Prayer - Because God knows better than me.

  11. Work - Because I’ve been called to use my gifts.

  12. Daily Questions & statements - For clarity and confidence.

What would your list look like?