10 tips for my 20 year old self

  1. Eat real food Most of what we call food isn't food. It's a food like substance that temporarily satisfies your hunger, but offers very little nutritional value. Eat organic food which is as close to it's natural state as possible. 
  2. Train your brain Meditate and challenge thoughts that make you feel like rubbish. Every experience you have is perceived through your brain. Make sure you're treating it well. Just like bad vision doesn't allow you to clearly see what is happening in front of you, an unhealthy brain will limit your ability to understand what you're going through. 
  3. Read more People have answers to your questions. Go and find them. 
  4. Listen more You already know what you know, but you can learn from someone who knows something about something that you're yet to learn. 
  5. Exercise Because if you're in bad shape it will limit your capacity to flourish in every area of your life. Plus, you feel so much happier after a run, gym or yoga session. 
  6. Back yourself People won't always approve of the ambitions you hold. But your ambitions are there for a reason. Get a job to support yourself as you build up the field your passionate about. Phil Knight the creator of Nike worked as an accountant for years as he developed his company. You could do that too. 
  7. Put your phone away People are way more interesting in person. 
  8. Clarify your goals What are you pursuing? It's easier to reach a destination when you know where it is. 
  9. Trust that God has a plan Don't assume that your struggles are a sign that you will be like this forever. It's only when we look back that we can begin to see the path that was being paved for us. Trust that something bigger than yourself has your back. 
  10. Change yourself before you try and change the world If you're a mess, you're not ready to change the world yet.