The online procrastination hack

How much time do you spend online each day?

Take a moment to think about that and write down what your 'online time' looks like. 

No seriously, write it down. 

How much do you find yourself on these sites at random moments throughout the day? You know, those moments when you have a few spare minutes to fill? 

If you're like most people, your answer will be a lot. 

It's're allowed to. But I'm just not convinced it's the best use of your time. 

The internet is sneaky like that. 

With so much incredible information available, we can find ourselves running down the deepest, darkest and most exciting rabbit holes on a mission to learn, discover or connect with those we love. 


It's also become a way for us to never have to think about what we'd rather fill our spare time with. The talents we want to develop the documentary we want to film, the date night we should be planning, the new business we're want to start. 

It's become a way we distract ourselves from doing real work. 

That's why I want to offer you a radical alternative. 

Brace yourself...

Sixty minutes of online time each day. 

That's right. A one hour chunk to look at everything you need to look at, and not random web surfing during the day. 

That means if it's 3 pm and you've used your hour up, you can't check your emails, go on Facebook or check to see how many like your latest picture on Instagram has (no matter how good you think you look in that picture, wait until tomorrow). 

Instead, during the day when you notice you want to go back to the site (just one last time) you're going to write it down and look at it during your next allotted time. Absolutely no online surfing outside of your allotted time. 

This will force you to write down only that which you really care about, and focus on that during tomorrow's online session.  It will help you stay on task when it's time to be on, and enjoy a little space when there's nothing to do. 

You'll quickly begin to realise that when you're only looking at that which you really care about, sixty minutes is plenty and you now have a heap of spare time to spend on things you really care about. 

So write it down. 

Schedule it in. 

Start your timer.  

Your hour