The simple cure to obesity

How is it that despite all the diets, training programs, pills and access to information we have about health, obesity is still on the rise in Australia?

It makes no sense. 

We're obviously doing something very wrong. 

In 2015 during my one month hike through the Himalayas, I was surprised to notice that in every village I stopped in along the way, I didn't see one fat local. They had access to none of the life-changing information and fad diets we do, yet when it comes to obesity these guys are living so much better than us. they're so much thinner than us. 

It was very obvious why. 

Though they don't have the access to the  information we do, they also don't have as much access to chocolate breakfast cereals, sweetened snacks, low-fat biscuits and the highly processed foods we eat daily here. Instead, they grow their own vegetables, fruit, and meat. They also walk everywhere.

We need to take a lesson from these guys. 

Losing weight is so much easier than you think. 

Here's the cure:

  1. Eat Natural Food: Eat food as close to its natural state as possible. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meat on the weekend is a great place to start. Avoid foods that are packaged. If you're ever stuck ask yourself, would your great-grandmother eat it? Bonus tip: stop eating when you're 80% full. 
  2. Move naturally daily: Take a walk, a swim a run or a bike ride each day. Go for at least 30 minutes. If you don't have time your priorities are wrong. 

Stop overcomplicating it.

Eat well. 

Move daily. 

Enjoy the results.