Stop calling it depression

The word 'depression' is a terrible adjective. 

It's far too broad. 

What does it mean?

Does it mean that there's a chemical imbalance in our brain that can only be addressed by taking medication? Or does it mean that we feel stuck in a bad relationship? Or that we're upset because someone we loved passed away? Or we wish we had more friends or a better job or that we're not happy with our current physical state? Or that we need to train our brain to see our current situation in a new light?

Seriously...what do we mean when we call it depression?

Would that feeling we call depressed ease up or disappear if we identified specifically what is making us feel less than fabulous, and then make the appropriate changes to our lifestyle to improve it?

Next time you hear someone say that they're feeling depressed, ask them exactly what they mean.

Then ask them what steps they could take to alleviate that feeling. 

Maybe they're not depressed. 

Maybe they just need to make a few small changes.