The One Gift You Can't Buy This Christmas

It’s that time of the year again.  

Christmas decorations are up and the sound of carols fill the streets. Roads are getting busier as many of us make our annual pilgrimage to the local shopping centres where our culture worships. 

It’s a season to be jolly for big business and advertisers as they offer us interest-free deals and harvest the reward from a culture who have becomes slaves to an illusion. They tell their enticing tales about the contentment we will experience if we simply purchase their latest product. 

It's a tale we hear each year, but the joy attached to the gifts rarely lasts as long as we'd hoped. 

This year, before we buy our gifts for those we love, I wanted to take a moment to consider an alternative to the gifts we'd usually give. 

It can't be paid for but it's far more valuable. It can’t be wrapped, discounted or offered interest-free and doesn’t have a money back guarantee. We won’t be sold the latest model next Christmas either.

It's still a present, but in the form of our presence. 

It's incredibly valuable as it's incredibly rare. 

It's a gift that takes the time to listen, more than speak. It's the gift that leaves the mobile phone in the car so we can listen to our Nan's story...again. It's the gift that chooses to focus on the person in front of us rather than the T.V behind them. It's the gift that asks questions, compliments and encourages. It's a gift that bring family and friends together. 

It's a gift that offers life, not just clutter. 

It's a gift you may have forgotten, as we hadn't been reminded of it's value for quite some time. 

As we think about what gifts we can give this Christmas, let's consider exchanging presence with our family, because presents are forgotten too quickly.