What do you see?


It was 2011 and Turia Pitt was competing in her first Ultra-Marathon.

She was halfway through the race when she found herself trapped in a grass fire and unable to escape the flames. She suffered burns to 65% of her body, was taken to a hospital and placed in an induced coma for one month. Since that day in 2011, she's endured two hundred follow-up operations to help repair the damage that was done.

Australian's now know her for her joy, her determination and her incredible outlook on life. 

She was recently asked how she has remained so positive. 

Her reply simple. 

But incredibly powerful. 

"I reframe the situation"

To reframe a situation means to choose how we'd like to interpret the events we're a part of. We can see the trial or the opportunity. The pain or the possibility. What's been taken away or what lies ahead. 

It's clear what she's chosen to focus on. 

It's rarely the situation that dictates our joy.

But the way we choose to see it. 

What have you been choosing to focus on?

Now might be time to reframe.