Food is the best medicine

Too much emphasis is placed on medication. 

We've become a culture obsessed with curing our cold and flu and increased temperatures with tablets. Instead of opting for a good night sleep, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and eating less rubbish, we run straight to Panadol everytime we feel 'off'.  

I don't have a problem with using medication to cure the serious stuff. But most of what we treat with medication isn't serious. We just haven't been told any better. You can't blame most doctors for throwing tablets at us for nearly everything either. Most of them aren't given much education on the subject of nutrition at their Universities. 

But nutrition is an incredible force when it comes to living a healthy life. For such an educated culture this is one thing many of us are still blind to. 

Hippocrates said it best: Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. 

That quote has gone in the history books for a reason. But we do our best to ignore it because we love McDonald's, Ice-Cream and Pasta. 

Let's start focussing more on preventing than curing. 

Slow down on the pills. 

Eat better food. 

Eat real food. 

Enjoy the benefits.