The Thoughts We Choose

I'm impressed by television. 

More specifically, I'm impressed by how sounds and moving images are transported through the air and displayed on a box in our living rooms and we can watch it when we tune into the right frequency. 

It's crazy. 

Sure, some of the channels are rubbish, but if we don't like one we can tune into another. We can jump from Comedy to Drama to Thriller to Action all in the space of thirty seconds. Netflix has made it even easier. Our whole viewing experience can be changed at the click of a button. All we have to know is what we want to tune into. With all the options, we never need keep watching something we don't enjoy. 

Our thoughts are like TV channels. 

Like the home page on Netflix. 

So many options to choose from.  

But we can choose what we tune into. 

What we tune into dictates how we feel. Sometimes we tune into the wrong thoughts and feel depressed, upset, anxious or stressed. 

But we can change it. 

There are other options. Other channels. Other shows. With a T.V, we change what we tune into with a remote. 

With our thoughts, we change what we tune into with our focus.

What we focus on we see. Our emotions are the result of our thoughts. 

How have you been feeling lately?

What have you been focussing on?

Did you forget you have other options?

Is it time to change the channel?