Mini-Habits Are Massive

I was recently at a school where I was asked to run a fitness session for eight year-ten kids. They were pretty upset with the fact they had to work out, but I told them that if they did what I was showing them every day until they were 25 that they would look this: 

Obviously they were excited. 

Who doesn't want to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club? It's incredible. Honestly, how does he get so shiny? No one is that shiny naturally are they? It's amazing.

Anyway, ten minutes into the session, one little fat kid waddled up to me, lifted his shirt and with complete sincerity asked me if I could see his abs yet.

I definitely couldn't. 

The truth was, all I could see was his little fat guts hanging over his shorts and I didn’t know how to tell him he looked like he'd been living off doughnuts and cake since he was four years old. When he saw my face, he had a moment where he realised he had a bit more work to do than what he originally thought. 

He said to me "It's bad isn't it"?.

It was. 

He said, "How do I fix it"?

I told him he needed a little more exercise and some natural food and to repeat that every day. 

He said "Is that all"?

It really was. One small change done consistently was all he needed. 

We often overestimate what we can achieve in one day, while completely underestimating what we can accomplish in a year. A mini-habit is a small step you commit to taking each day for a long period of time to move you closer towards you'd like to be. 

What's a small change you could make that over time would bring you closer to where you wish you were?