A new stance on confidence

Our physiology dictates our feelings. 

In other words, the way we hold our body is directly linked to the way we feel. 

This is great news for anybody who feels they lack confidence as it means a simple change in their physiology will lead to big changes in their feelings.

You already know it's true because we know confidence when we see it. It carries a certain look: head up, standing tall, shoulders back, breathing deeply: think Conor McGregor before a fight. 

On the contrary, we also know what a lack of confidence looks like: head down, slouched stance, shoulders forward and shallow breathing.

You don't need to be Conor McGregor to feel great levels of confidence, but you can take a lesson from the way he carries himself. 

Next time you find yourself in a situation and lacking the confidence you wish you had, make a change to your physiology. 

Act the way you wish you felt. 

You might just end up feeling that way.