Trust your struggle

Trials are an essential part of our progress.

In a culture that has largely forgotten about the power of religious stories, we now see the trials in our lives as a hindrance rather than the early stages of something much bigger being built. Instead of acknowledging the events we’re finding hard to deal with, we hide behind the facade of ‘we’ve got it all together’.

We’ve settled for convincing others (and ourselves) that we’re ok, rather than letting the process of transformation take place. We struggle to find meaning in the chaos and can’t even imagine there is a way for us to escape.

But there is.

If you can see beyond the difficulty that lies immediately before you, you will notice an opportunity to grow. The discomfort you may be feeling is simply your character being stretched. This idea is beautifully covered in what Julian of Norwich said - “First there is the fall, and then there is the recovery from the fall. Both are the mercy of God”.

Don’t forget, before a muscle grows, it hurts. The same is true of your character.

You’re not unique in your struggle.

You won’t be unique in your success.