My Weekly Exercise Schedule

Since the age of thirteen, I’ve loved to exercise. 

I feel better when I do it.

It was through a new passion for running that I had started to appreciate the benefits of exercising regularly. 

At the age of twelve I had started running competitively and quickly learnt that if I wanted to run faster, I would have to train hard and do so consistently.

Because my training led to better results, it was hard for me not to love it. 

I started to view my training like an art form and was committed to discovering and implementing the best methods I could to create the best results I could.

I did that for twelve years. 

Throughout those years I was interested in various other forms of exercise and the benefits that flowed from them, but because my priority was running, I didn't think too seriously about trying them. 

However, in 2013 when I decided to leave the competitive running scene, I realised I had an abundance of new forms of exercise that I could make a part of my daily life. 

I also promised my wife that when I stopped running, I would bulk up a little. 

So the pressure was on. 

I was excited to get into it. 

Im always interested in hearing about what training others enjoy, and my training program changes fairly regularly as a result of my curiosity. 

I am on a mission to create great health in my life, and want to learn what I respond best to. 

Right now, I absolutely love the training I am doing, and feel amazing as a result. 

I wanted to share a few areas of training that I am loving right now, and also show you what an average week of training currently looks like for me. 


YOGA: Yoga has become an almost daily practice for me over the last twelve months. It began as an attempt for me to relieve the tension that had developed in my lower back. I soon realised that the benefits went far beyond just physical. My back is better, my strength has improved and it has provided me with a space to switch off from everything else happening in my life and focus on my mind and body and the relationship between the two. 

WALKING: Unless you're over 70, I don't think walking gets the credit it deserves. When I used to run, the idea of going out for a walk had absolutely no appeal to me. As I have started to challenge my own definition of what 'exercise is', I've found real pleasure in going for a walk. It doesn't put the stress on your body that running does, but still offers a great chance to get out in nature and clear your head and invest in your health. 

RUNNING: I still love it. After so many years of trying to master it has been nice to do it for enjoyment more than anything else. I used to run around 160km a week, now I'm happy to do 30-40km. It's pure enjoyment now, not a compulsion. 

GYM: Each weekday I do a twenty minute gym session you can see here. I like the feeling of being in shape. It's not about getting huge, but feeling great. After I finished my running, I went from 68kg to 80kg in just over 12 months. I think the 80kg mark looks better on me than the skinny version. Right now I'm at 75kg. We're travelling through Europe as I write this, so our meals are a little random. Once the travel stops I will take my weight back up to 80kg. 



Sun: Walk, Jog or Rest

Mon: Yoga, Gym & Sprints

Tue: Yoga & Gym

Wed: Yoga & Gym

Thu: Walk or Jog, Yoga & Gym

Fri: Yoga & Gym

Sat: Walk or Jog